Our Balanced Furbo Dog Nanny Review

All the crate training blogs say that you shouldn’t leave your dog crated for more than 8 hours a day. But you’re worried about accidents, anxious barking, or your dog getting into and eating things that’ll make it sick. That’s where our Furbo Dog Nanny review comes in.

Why Have a Pet Camera?

Furbo Dog Nanny

You’ve got a full-time job, and a full-time doggy nanny isn’t really in anyone’s budget. But what if there was a dog nanny that only costs $6.99 per month?

Furbo Dog Nanny is the subscription plan that unlocks all the incredibly practical features of your new Furbo Dog Camera. Below we’ve reviewed what you get, what makes sense, and what doesn’t.

So, to ease your conscience, protect your dog, and even improve your furry friend’s behavior, let’s get into this Furbo Dog Nanny review.

Furbo Dog Nanny Review of Features

You may recall reading about some of these features in our review of the Furbo Dog Camera. That was a nice skim; this time we’ll git a little deeper into what this subscription plan really offers.

Every pet and pet-owner’s lifestyle is different; we want to empower you to make the best choice for you and your four-footed roommate without pressuring you to buy or sign up.

Here’s what you can do with Furbo Dog Nanny:

Clicker-Train Your Dog

Furbo DogTreat Toss

Furbo Dog Nanny’s treat-tossing feature makes a clicking noise similar to that of the clicker you use while training. This can further cement the positive association your dog has with the training tool, and the on-command feature can allow you to reinforce positive behavior even when you’re not home.

Let’s say your dog barks at the guy dropping a package on your door. You want your dog to have good door manners, and not to annoy the neighbors. Furbo Dog Nanny’s barking sensor pushes a notification, you turn on the two-way communication channel, and talk to your dog.

She stops barking, looks at you, and you command Furbo Dog Nanny to click and treat. It’s that simple. No more regret over lost opportunities to work on good behavior while you’re stuck at work!

Improved Mental Health

Happy Dog

Psychologists have been pouring out research in the last few years that supports the theory that interacting with pets improves mental health. And after the year we’ve just had, that’s something everyone could use.

So on your next work break, open up the Furbo Dog Nanny app and take a look at any selfies Furbo has intelligently captured whenever your dog looks at the camera.

Furbo also captures a reel of doggy highlights so you can catch all the cute moments you missed throughout the day.

Set-up and Management of the Furbo Dog Nanny

While Furbo Dog Cam is available directly from the seller or from online retailers like Amazon.com, you can manage your Furbo Dog Nanny subscription directly from the app, or from the company’s website. Setup is easy, and the support staff are available for any problems you might have.

Furbo Dog Cam uses an electric cord. Placement will be limited by the location of your outlet or the use of extension cords. It also relies on the use of WIFI and Bluetooth; there isn’t a hardline hookup option at this time.

Catch Crises Before They Are Critical

Furbo Dog Nanny uses AI technology to study your dog’s behavior, learn their movement patterns, and identify dangerous activities. Get real-time alerts if your dog is digging into something they shouldn’t, eating out of anything but their bowl, or displaying visible signs of physical distress.

And if you have the notifications turned off, or – let’s face it, no AI is perfect – you can replay stored video to find out why you’ve come home to a mess, and what contraband your pup might have gotten into.

Now you’ll know whether or not to log onto the Pet Poison Control chat (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or make an emergency vet visit.

Designed with Dogs in Mind

Furbo Dog Selfie

Furbo Dog Nanny’s AI sensors were programmed specifically to recognize doggy faces, doggy actions, and doggy sounds. The camera activates when your dog moves, when your dog poses for her close-up, and when she alerts on something exciting happening outside.

With these design parameters you can reduce barking and improve relations with the neighbors. The camera doesn’t waste time recording hours of couch-sleeping, and you’ll get a steady supply of cute photos for your Instagram page.

Share the Love

With Doggy Diary Furbo makes it easy to share the positive pet vibes you’ve been getting from your pet nanny-cam.

Get a highlights reel at the end of the day you can easily share and upload to your social media platforms so everyone can celebrate good behavior, training milestones, and adorable puppy moments with you. Shared memories are the best memories.

Furbo Dog Nanny Supports Your Values

$1 of every new Nanny subscription automatically goes into Furbo’s pet-oriented charity fund. This fund supports community-based organizations that focus on animal wellness.

Your subscription might build or renovate a shelter, clean up local water sources, or help donate Furbo Dog Cameras to our healthcare heroes so they can enjoy the peace of mind and emotional support you just bought for yourself.

To date, Furbo Dog Nanny has saved over a thousand pet lives using its notifications, captured images, and two-way communication features.

Pros and Cons


  • Only $6.99 per month
  • Real-time alerts
  • Barking sensor
  • Smart AI technology improves with use
  • Supports clicker-training with audible click and treat-tossing feature
  • Support a company that invests in your community
  • Improves separation anxiety in both humans and dogs


  • Relies on technology: no technology is perfect, glitches can happen in the app, treat-tossing mechanism, sensors, and connection points
  • Tempting target for cats: cats learn as quickly as dogs that Furbo gives treats. If you’re worried about your cat eating dog treats, keep in mind he may decide the fastest way to get treats is to simply knock Furbo over.
  • Subscription fee: It’s inexpensive, but it’s still a fee, and nobody likes those. To get the most out of your Furbo Dog Camera, you do have to pay the monthly subscription fee.

Is the Furbo Dog Nanny Worth It?

We absolutely think it is.

Furbo Dog Nanny

As the old adage goes, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Furbo Dog Nanny offers that to both you and your pet. As we’ve learned in recent years, anxiety is exhausting.

Isn’t $6.99 per month worth the energy you’ll get back knowing your pet is safe, you can respond to emergencies, and even actively improve your dog’s training without missing an hour of work?

Let’s compare the price of an emergency vet visit, which can cost up to $1200 if stomach-pumping needs to happen, with the $6.99 per month subscription fee.

Knowing what your dog ate, being able to try intervening before your dog actually eats something toxic, or getting an alert when consumption occurs could all make the difference between an expensive vet bill, no bill at all, or a tragedy.

Overall we think this is a great addition to any dog-owner’s home. We love buying from companies that truly put pets first, both for profit and in their charitable giving.

We also love how intelligently this doggy camera was designed. It’s not just a camera, it’s a tool to help strengthen your relationship with your pup Trainers and vets recommend it as one of their top picks for improving pet safety, too.

If you’re trying to decide between pet cameras check out our article Is the Best Dog Monitoring Camera a Furbo or Petcube?

Have you used the Furbo Dog Nanny?

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