Our Honest Furbo Dog Camera Review

Have you been considering whether or not to buy a Furbo Dog Camera? We hope that this Furbo Dog Camera review will help you make an educated decision to purchase one or not.

Why Have a Dog Camera?

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Are you like us and have several dogs and cats who free roam while you’re away at work?

Sometimes we come home to a “Who did this? situation.

They act so innocent and stare up at you with those big eyes, pleading for forgiveness for the mess. But, they really just want a treat! Seriously though, none of them are “actually” in trouble. But we do want to prevent accidents from happening. We also want to ensure that none of them are injured or get ill from anything they’ve gotten into.

Sometimes our dogs also need to take medicine and we need to observe them closely while we’re away. If you need help getting yours to take medicine, check out our article 8 Tips for How to Give Pills to Dogs Who Don’t Like The Taste of Them.

Plus, it’s just fun to spy on them!

Our son recently got a puppy and told us that he knew she only barked for about five minutes after he left his apartment. We were thinking… “How did he know that? Did he just stand at the door and listen until she stopped?” So when asked, he replied, “I got a Furbo so I can check in on her at any time!” Of course, technology!

But, what if you could do more with a Furbo Dog Camera than just satisfy your curiosity?

Furbo Dog Camera Review of Features

We found that there are a ton of features that this camera has to offer. We never even knew some of these were a possibility!

Records and Live Streams Video

The Furbo Dog Camera has the capability of recording video 24/7, even in low light! The 1080p high definition, 160 degree wide angle camera view, and 4x zoom allows for you customize your experience. The video will record when it picks up movement on the camera from pets and humans. You can click for a “live view” at any time as well through the Furbo Smartphone App.

Two-Way Audio Senses Barking & Allows You to Talk Back

The Furbo Dog Camera listens to your pets and senses barking. You can get alerts sent directly to your cell phone (or turn them off). Then, you can connect automatically to your Furbo Dog Camera to check out what’s going on. What’s really cool, is you can then talk to your pets through the two-way speaker to calm them down. Or, you can entice them with a treat to quiet down.

Furbo Dog Camera Tosses Treats for You

The Furbo Dog Camera can never replace your hand pulling a treat from the jar. It comes pretty close when you can’t be there yourself though! Just fill the Furbo Dog Camera up with small, round treats, and the Furbo will toss treats for you on demand. The Furbo Dog Camera will toss them at scheduled times too. You can say “Alexa, ask Furbo to toss a treat!” if you have that service.

Takes Dog Selfies

The Furbo Dog Camera will also snap a photo of those cute, furry, curious faces. When your dog faces the camera directly, an image will be captured! Everyone loves a dog selfie!

Doggie Diary

The Furbo Dog Camera will save a summary of your dog’s activities of the day too. You can quickly scan through all of the excitement (or couch sleeping) throughout the day. This is probably more accurate than the report card your dog walker leaves (and you can see what time they come and go as well).

Furbo Dog Nanny Review of Subscription

Having a Furbo Dog Nanny Premium subscription will allow you to access all of the features that can be activated with the Furbo Dog Camera. Read our article Our Balanced Furbo Dog Nanny Review for details.

My Furbo Dog Camera Review

As I mentioned before, we know virtually nothing about what happens with our pets throughout the day. And, we think the Furbo Dog Camera is a great option to start finding out!

The device offers a bunch of features. The Furbo Dog Nanny “Premium” subscription is relatively inexpensive ($100 per year if paid annually or $9.99 per month). However, we do understand the frustration with some customers. They expect that the cost of the Furbo Dog Camera would include access to all features. As most gadgets these days, it’s fairly standard to expect some type of subscription fee for enhanced features.

Some feedback from reviews indicates that there are frustrations with the treat tossing feature not working. I think our bigger concern will be our pets putting on some extra pounds. If the treat feature was glitchy, it would probably be heathier for our dogs. Our cats like dog treats too, so cats eating them too often might be a concern over time. Overall, this feature should work as promised for consumers.

Also, technology will continue to advance. There is probably some risk that the second the current version is purchased, that a new and improved version will be released. But, as with any technology, this can be expected. We’ve read that it’s important to keep with the firmware updates to keep it working properly.

From reviews, it also sounds like if the Furbo Dog Camera was purchased as part of Amazon Prime Day at a discounted rate, the return/exchange rules are more strict.

Pros and Cons of the Furbo Dog Camera


  • Picks up movement from dogs and humans in the camera view
  • Live stream your pets 24/7
  • Alerts you through push-notifications when your dog is barking and allows you to talk back to them
  • Tosses treats on demand or when scheduled
  • Takes photos of your dog automatically when it senses their face
  • Records a summary of your dog’s daily activity
  • 1080p High Definition, 160 degree wide angle camera view, 4x zoom, day and night vision
  • Monitor using a simple Smartphone App
  • Works with Alexa
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connection
  • Electric cord powers the device


  • May not pick up all activity from cats (unless your dog is also in view) and cats may learn to knock over device to get to to treats
  • Requires “Premium Plan” subscription for all features to be enabled for $9.99 Monthly or $99 Annually
  • Smartphone App may be glitchy
  • Regular firmware updates required to keep device stable
  • Video quality may be grainy
  • Requires small round treats for dispenser (recommended treats: Zuke’s Mini, Nutro Mini, Natural Balance Mini-Rewards, Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini)
  • Purchasing on Amazon Prime Day at a discount may negatively impact return/exchange requests
  • No hard-wired connection available
  • Not battery operated; must be plugged in

How Does The Furbo Dog Camera Work?

Is Furbo Dog Camera Worth It?

We think the Furbo Dog Camera is definitely worth the money for the peace of mind it offers dog and cat owners like us!

For about $.78 per day (Full Amazon price / 365 days + monthly “Premium” subscription / 30 days) it is a really good deal to be able to check in on your pets at any time of day.

While there are some unfavorable reviews on Amazon, the average product rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars for over 24,000 global reviews.

Finally, our favorite features are being able to talk to pets through the two-way speaker and being able to toss treats whenever you like.

Have you purchased a Furbo Dog Camera?

Leave us a comment and tell us your experience below!

Furbo Dog Camera






Ease of Use



  • HD Quality Camera
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Barking Sensor


  • Connection Can be Glitchy
  • Tempting to Feed Too Many Treats
  • Subscription Required to Access All Features
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  1. I am excited about buying Furbo Dog camera. I would like to see my dogs when I am at work. And the ability to give them treats when I am not at home sounds cool. Overall, I like the concept. And find that the price tag is affordable. So, I will go with this brand. Thank you for your review.

  2. This is definitely indeed an interesting gadget. I love how technology makes people lives better and now for their pets too. It will help pets when they feel lonely and think they owner left them. Plus increase your bond with your pet. Like the treat thing, but also concern. As you mentioned, if a pet figures out they must just knock over the machine to get the treat, then the whole gadget can break and you will pay more treats to refill it. May more stability and security might be the manufacturers next focus. Nonetheless good product and will consider to get one myself. Thank you!


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