The Top 3 Dog Wash Wipes for Removing Allergens

If you’re trying to find the best dog wash wipes for removing allergens and other dirt and grime from your dog’s fur, this article may help. I’ve looked at the top three rated products from Amazon to help you compare features and opinions of other people who have purchased them.

Consider These Important Questions Before Purchasing

You may think it’s pretty simple to purchase dog wash wipes, but there may be some considerations you never thought of before that might help to make your decision. We’ll be sure to cover those in this article so you can choose the best one for your situation.

Why You Might Need Dog Wash Wipes

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for a quick solution to remove something from your dog’s fur or feet on a regular basis. Using something you might have on hand, like paper towels or a washcloth, might work once in a while. 

But, paper towels can easily fall apart with water and any sort of rubbing motion. And the washcloth that you use for your face might not be something you want to share with your dog (no judgement if you do). 

However, neither are as convenient as a container of disposable, pre-wet cleaning wipes that you can keep at home and easily toss in the back of your car for that trip to the dog park.

If you have a bigger problem, like the need to remove fleas from your dog’s fur, check out our article Learn the Natural Way of Getting Rid of Fleas on Your Dog and in Your Home.

How to Choose the Best Product

Personally, we love the fact that there are so many dog wash wipes available to purchase. This provides a lot of flexibility for making a purchase specific to what works for you. However, too many choices can also lead to information overload. 

We like to narrow purchases down to the top rated items that consumers purchased, and compare those details for simplification. So how do you pick even when the list is narrowed? 

We suggest you consider your priorities first and keep those in mind when comparing products.

For example:

  • If your dog seems to be allergic to everything or you’re trying to find out what it is that they’re allergic to, consider choosing a hypo-allergenic product or one without fragrance added. This will limit the amount of ingredients that your dog is being exposed to.
  • If your dog likes to run through tall grasses collecting pollen and grass back on its fur, consider choosing a product specific for outdoor activities. This will specifically target those environmental fur-hitchhikers. 
  • If your dog despises bathtime, but they need a little freshening up in between, consider choosing a product that smells lovely to you. This will allow your dog to be a little less grimy and stinky, and a lot more tolerable for you during snuggle time.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Dog Wash Wipes
You may not be convinced that using wash wipes are for you and your family just yet, and that’s perfectly okay. You may want to keep using wet paper towels or the family washcloths for now. 

But, if you’re wondering about reasons to use them or not, we’ve put some ideas together for you. 


  • Convenient
  • Some options are biodegradable, which is more earth-friendly
  • Cater specific to your needs, like hypo-allergenic or smells good
  • Reduces bath frequency
  • May specifically target a problem, like dandruff or hot spots
  • Don’t rip and tear like paper towels
  • Options are available with or without fragrance; studies like this one show that fragrance can be harmful to humans and pets
  • Quick and easy to use
  • May be suitable for uses on other family pets, such as cats or guinea pigs
  • Can be purchased with ingredients to soften and hydrate paws
  • Can be automatically sent to you at the frequency you specify


  • Not reusable
  • Produces garbage which could be harmful to the earth (unless you use biodegradable dog wipes)
  • May not get your dog as clean as you would like
  • Your dog may be sensitive to the ingredients in the product
  • Product can dry out if not sealed well in between cleaning sessions
  • Not good for large messes or large dirty areas on a dog
  • Can dry out your dog’s paws with too much use, if not purchased with an emollient
  • Requires repeat purchasing

How to Use the Dog Wash Wipes

What’s really neat about dog wash wipes, is that they’re a great solution if you like the convenience of a wet paper towel, but want the durability of a washcloth. Dog wet wipes are used similarly and are just as easy to use.

Most dog wet wipes are packaged in some type of recyclable plastic container. Plastic is used to keep the wipes moist within the package, so be sure to always properly seal it back up at the end of each cleaning session.

When you open the top of the dog wet wipes container, you’ll need to grab the very first wet wipe that you can touch. This is the wipe that is typically lying flat on top of the others or is in the middle of the wipes roll within the container. 

When you grab the first wipe, it will also pull the next one up with it slightly, which is convenient when you need the next wipe. 

Once you have a wipe out of the container, open it up fully so you get the benefit of using the entire surface of the wipe. Then, lay the wipe entirely over one of your hands.

Take your hand with the wipe to the area of your dog that needs to be cleaned. Run the wet wipe over that area with enough pressure to clean off any grime, but gentle enough that your dog is not bothered. 

Be gentle with this process especially when first beginning as you want your dog to be cooperative with future wipe sessions. Be careful to not scare them with your approach or they may remember it the next time you use the wet wipes on them.

Luckily, our Mr. Snuggles loved when we used dog wet wipes on his fur because he was getting a full body massage at the same time! His feet were a little ticklish though and as a result, would pull his paw back from time to time.

You can flip the wet wipe over to use the opposite side and use as many new wipes that you need to clean the dog.

Be sure to properly close the lid of the container when you’re finished and properly dispose of the used wet wipes.

Watch this video if you want to see a demonstration of how dog wet wipes are used! 

It’s super easy for light fur cleaning needs!


Here are a few things to keep in mind when using dog wet wipes to prevent any type of mishap or alert you to a situation to take action on.

  1. Always consult with your veterinarian on their preferences, particularly if you are working with them related to your dog’s allergies.
  2. Dogs can be allergic to product ingredients or fragrances, just as humans can, so always watch your dog for potential reactions and discontinue use.
  3. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and cautions on any product that you purchase.
  4. Don’t use the wipes of any type of scratch or open wound unless you’ve received the green light from your veterinarian.
  5. Most wipes suggest avoiding the eye and nose area to reduce irritation to those sensitive areas.
  6. You can always call the Pet Poison Helpline if you have any concerns about products that your dog has been exposed to.
  7. Some products are medicated, so they should be used with caution and children should not handle them.

Product Review

We’ve compared the top three dog wet wipes that other consumers have rated highly to provide you with quick decision-making information when you’re ready to purchase.

Product 1: Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Dog Wash Wipes for Removing Allergens - Pogi's Grooming Wipes

The 100-quantity product has been reviewed 15,963 times, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • Two scents are available: Green Tea Leaf or Unscented.
  • Available in four package sizes: 100-quantity, 400-quantity, 120-quantity travel, 240-quantity travel
  • Made in China in a Nordic Swan, ISO 9001, GMPc, BCR, GMP, and EPA certified facility. 
  • Size of the wipe is 8 x 9 inches for large dogs and heavy coats and is quilted.
  • Contains ingredients to condition your dog’s coat: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi help clean, freshen and condition providing a healthy shine. 
  • Wipes allergens, dander, dirt and odor from paws, bodies, and bums in between baths.
  • Earth-friendly as they are made with 100% sustainably harvested bamboo fiber and are biodegradable (but not compostable or flushable).
  • Hypoallergenic and are free of parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals.
  • Cruelty free; not tested on animals and a vegan product.
  • Can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits and other furry pets
  • Active ingredients: Purified Water, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Awapuhi Extract, Cucumber Extract, Benzoic Acid.
  • Can be used on the face, but avoid the eye area.
  • May need to be stored in a sealable plastic bag or container after being opened to prevent drying out (not included).
  • Scented version does not have a strong smell according to most people.
  • May not be suitable for sensitive areas – check with your veterinarian.
  • Adorable logo and story.
  • The cost is the same for the scented or unscented packages, and the cost is about the same per wipe no matter the size of package you get (only about $.05 difference for 100-quantity or 400-quantity packages).

Product 2: Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes

Dog Wash Wipes for Removing Allergens - Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes

The 25-quantity product has been reviewed 125 times, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The 100-quantity product has been reviewed 1,735 times, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • One scent available; medicinal (vinegar smell) in nature with slight smell of lavender or peach
  • Available in two package sizes: 25-quantity or 100-quantity.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Size of the wipe is similar to a human baby wipe (exact dimensions unknown)
  • Veterinarian recommended.
  • Beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin to remove allergens from their skin and fur
  • Relieves itchy skin.
  • Can be used for balancing the skin surface pH to prevent overgrowth of fungus, yeast and bacterial conditions.
  • May be used for ears, paws, private areas, hot spots, chin acne, skin tags, tail pockets and stud tail, and dog facial cleansing, including around the eyes for tear stains and eye folds – ask your veterinarian.
  • Cleaning and drying ingredients helps with healthy skin for dogs with yeast, bacterial or other fungal skin conditions.
  • Convenient wipes in a 25-count travel pack or 100-count clinic-sized canister.
  • Active ingredients are 2% Acetic Acid and 2% Boric Acid. Also Contains: Propylene glycol, polysorbate, glycerin, fragrance.
  • Shelf life is two years.
  • Smaller, 25-quantity packets must be stored in a sealable plastic bag after being opened to prevent drying out (not included).
  • Takes approximately 5-7 days to dry the skin for rash/fungus when applied 2x daily
  • Can be used on dogs and cats.
  • May leave a slightly sticky residue.
  • May reduce pet grooming themselves excessively.
  • It is normal to receive the package seal with a small hole in the seal per the manufacturer.
  • If product is received unsealed, with dried out product, etc. there have been mixed results of the manufacturer responding to the request for replacement.
  • Very medical-looking product.
  • The cost per wipe is 3 times less expensive for the larger, 100-quantity container.

Product 3: Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Dog Wash Wipes for Removing Allergens - Earth Rated Dog Wipes

This product has been reviewed 20,667 times, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

  • Two scents are available: Lavender or Unscented.
  • Available in two package sizes: 100-quantity and 400-quantity.
  • Made in China for a Canadian company in a certified facility for Nordic Swan Ecolabel, ISO 9001, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPc), BCR, GMP, as well as EPA compliance.
  • Size of the wipe is 8 x 8 inches for large dogs.
  • USDA-Certified as 99% biobased.
  • Safe for sensitive dogs and are hypo-allergenic.
  • Safe for your dog’s face, paws, tushie, but avoid sensitive areas near eyes, ears and private parts – check with your veterinarian.
  • No residue or funky smell.
  • Biodegradable and compostable in a municipal composting facility and suitable for home composting.
  • Not flushable.
  • Gentle, yet durable.
  • Ingredients include: Water, glycerin, chamomilla recutita flower extract (chamomile), aloe barbadensis leaf extract (aloe vera), shea butter, caprylhydroxamic acid, butylene glycol, hydroxyacetophenone, caprylyl glycol, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, punica granatum extract (pomegranate), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), citric acid, sodium citrate, gluconolactone.
  • Keeps dog fur soft and luxurious while smelling fresh.
  • No sulfates or alcohol in the ingredients.
  • Packaging sealant protects your wipes from drying out.
  • Earth-friendly marketing.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • The cost is the same for the scented or unscented packages, and the cost is about the same per wipe no matter the size of package you get (only about $.01 difference for 100-quantity or 400-quantity packages).

Dog Wash Wipes for Removing Allergens Wrap-up

The best overall wipe evaluated above for allergens is the Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes. This product definitely seems to be the most versatile for nearly any area that your dog might need a wipe. It also helps with diagnosed medical conditions related to the skin. It’s the most expensive out of the other products reviewed, but if it can keep my veterinarian office visits reduced. My doggie will also be happier, so I am more than willing to spend a few extra dollars on these medicated wipes. 

I love that many veterinarians have endorsed these wipes as they make me feel more confident in using them on my dogs. I would also purchase the larger package size since the cost per wipe is 3 times less expensive than the smaller package. 

If I were just looking for a daily wipe for allergens not related to specific skin conditions, I would choose the Earth Rated Dog Wipes. They are the most economical for the frequency of use, while also having very high customer ratings.

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