Is the Best Dog Monitoring Camera a Furbo or Petcube in 2021?

As a pet parent, you already understand the importance of keeping an eye on your pet throughout the day. What you may not know, however, is the ideal camera device or spying device to use for your particular pet. That’s why we’ve put together this comparison of the Furbo and Petcube. That way, you can select the best dog monitoring camera.

Being able to tell whether your pet at home is sick, hungry, or just anxious for your return is what gives you the information to care for them right. With many pet monitoring cam devices entering the market, we selected the top picks for you. Then we compared them to help you make a choice that would be perfect for you and your pet.

Both the Petcube Pet Camera and the Furbo Dog Camera are great choices. But unless you want to purchase both, understanding the unique features and capabilities of each should be your top priority before spending your money on either.

Read on to learn the similarities shared by both the pet cameras as well as their core differences.

What are the Similarities Between Petcube and Furbo Pet Cameras?

Some of the key similarities you will find in these pet cameras include:

Recording and Live Streaming Videos

Both the Petcube and Furbo pet cameras have powerful video recording and live streaming features. They are enabled with night vision mode and can record videos of your pets in real-time around the clock.

Both the cameras are also equipped with 1080 HD clarity, 160-degree wide angle camera view, and a 4× zoom feature to allow you to customize your recording experience. The video starts recording as soon as it detects movement from humans and pets. Alternatively, you can simply select a live view any time of day through the Petcube phone app and Furbo phone app for better monitoring of your pets.

Two-way Audio Sensing and Allowing You to Talk Back

Each of these pet cameras comes with a built-in audio sensors to detect the sounds of your pets, such as barking or meowing. An alert is then sent to your mobile phone, although you can also turn them off. Once you receive the alert, you can connect automatically to the camera to check what’s happening to your pet.

If they are in distress, you need not worry. The cameras have a two-way speaker that you can use to speak to your pets. This allows you to calm them down, quite them down, or offer them a treat directly over the camera. Interestingly, you can also initiate playtime with your pet through the in-built laser if you are using the Petcube Play model.

Tossing Treats for You

Both the pet cameras will toss treats on your behalf. This allows your pets to be rewarded even in your absence. All you have to do is fill the cameras with tiny, round treats, and the camera units will toss the treats at your command. Or, they can toss treats at scheduled times.

The best part is that you can do the scheduling via Alexa. For example, you can say, “Alexa, ask Petcube (Furbo) to toss a treat!”

Premium Subscription Offerings

Petcube care subscription and Furbo dog nanny subscription allow you to access premium features in the cameras. This means unlimited access to and activations of all the camera features, such as saving around the clock video history of your pets.

Working with Alexa

Both these pet cameras are built-in with Alexa speech recognition software to aid them execute tasks according to your specific commands. This enhances the interaction level with your pet, even remotely.

What are the Differences Between Petcube and Furbo Pet Cameras?

The core differences between the two pet cameras include:

Dog Selfies

With a Furbo Pet Camera, taking your pet’s selfie is possible. When your dog stares into the camera directly, the camera instantly captures the image of its cute and curious face. And who doesn’t love a dog selfie?

This feature is not available in a Petcube cam.

Built-in Veterinarian Service

When monitoring your pet remotely, any suspicious behavior might alarm you. With the Petcube camera, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. This is because the Petcube smartphone app allows you to initiate a chat with a professional veterinarian any time of day.

The Furbo camera lacks this feature.

Doggie Diary

This is an extra feature in the Furbo camera that makes it extraordinary. The camera creates and stores up a summary of your pet’s daylong activities. This allows you to quickly scan the diary to keep track of your dog’s behavior. It is also a better alternative to your dog walker’s report card because it is more accurate. The diary also tells you the arrival and departure times of your dog walker.

You don’t get the same luxury with a Petcube camera.

Entire Home System Connection

It is possible to set up several Petcube cam devices in different rooms. You can link up to six cam devices through a single Petcube app account. That includes all the models of the Petcube camera.

The Furbo pet camera doesn’t support this flexibility.

Premium Subscription Plans

To use the Petcube camera, you have to pick either the monthly subscription available from $3.99 to $9.99 or an annual subscription plan that ranges from $47.88 to $199.88. The more you pay, the more camera features you enjoy.

To access all the Furbo camera features, just pay $9.99 for a monthly package or $99 for the annual package.

Video Recording and Live Streaming Options

While both pet cameras share the 1080 high definition quality video viewing, the Petcube camera has an extra option of 110-degree wide angle camera view in addition to the 160-degree wide angle camera view. Moreover, it has an additional zooming power of 8× based on the model chosen.

Camera Models and Capabilities

There are multiple Petcube camera models available in the market. Each model comes with different features and capabilities. These include Petcube Cam Model, Petcube Play Cam Model, and Petcube Bites Cam Model.

The Petcube Cam Model comes in a single model, offers the fewest features, and is the least expensive of all the Petcube cams.

The Petcube Play Cam Model also comes in a single model (Petcube Play 2) as well as an interactive laser play feature. It is slightly more expensive as compared to the Petcube Cam Model.

Lastly, the Petcube Bites Cam Model comes in two models (Petcube Bites Lite and Petcube Bites 2) that both integrate treat tossing as a key feature. Petcube Bites 2 is the most expensive in the list of Petcube cams, although its Lite version is slightly less expensive than the Petcube Play 2 model is.

The Furbo pet camera doesn’t come in multiple versions.

Is Petcube Camera Worth It?

We believe that a Petcube camera is definitely worth the money you spend on it. First, for the flexibility of model options it provides and secondly, for the peace of mind it provides to both you and your pet.

Being able to monitor the wellbeing of your cat or dog 24/7 for only about $ 0.68 per day is a pretty awesome deal. And that’s what you get with the Petcube Bites 2 model.

This pet camera has also raked in amazing reviews on Amazon. It currently has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 drawn from about a thousand global online reviews.

What we love most about the Petcube camera is its ability to toss treats unlimitedly and the fact that we can contact a veterinarian at any time of the day through the Petcube mobile app.

To read more about the Petcube specifically, please read our article Our Honest Petcube Pet Camera Review.

Is Furbo Dog Camera Worth it?

Yes, it is. But you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. That’s the most important thing you get by purchasing a Furbo pet camera.

For only about $0.78 per day to check on your pet at any time of day, it is indeed worth the investment.

Furbo camera has garnered incredible online reviews on Amazon, which tells you that it must really be impressive to many. Its overall star rating presently stands at 4.6 stars out of 5 drawn from more than 24,000 global online reviews.

The camera’s features that stand out for us are the unrestricted treat tossing capacity as well as the ability to communicate with pets over the two-way speaker mechanism.

To read more about the Furbo Dog Camera specifically, please read our article Our Honest Furbo Dog Camera Review.

Final Thoughts on Which Pet Camera is Better?

So, do you go with Petcube Pet Camera or Furbo Dog Camera? Both the camera units are a wonderful choice for monitoring and interacting with your pet whenever you are distanced from them. Many of their essential features are similar with only a few differences in their subscription offerings, design features, and pet-specific capabilities.

If you are more inclined towards a pet camera with prolonged video recording, storage, and playback options, access to advanced subscription perks, and a built-in Alexa, then you should be thinking about some of the latest Petcube care camera models.

On the other hand, if you prefer a pet camera that offers selfie alerts, daily pet diary notifications, and is fairly inexpensive, then think no further than the Furbo pet camera.

In the long run, your decision boils down to the features you prioritize the most and the kind of experience you are seeking for both you and your pet.

What are the ideal camera features for your particular pet?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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